Legal and Investigative Services are a class leader in the field of Investigation and Legal support services in Ireland. We provide individuals and companies with options to reduce their risk. Our team of Investigators and Compliance Analysts are experts, with decades of experience in the fields of Law Enforcement, Investigations, Security and Research.

When you have a matter that requires a high level of sensitivity and discretion Legal and Investigative Services will protect your brand and reputation. We help reduce risk, manage compliance and handle litigation.

We provide evidentially fact-based investigations which require a high level of integrity and independence to a range of State and Private clients, from Multi-National and Corporates to SMEs and private individuals. Services include background checks on new employees, forensic analysis of digital information, and A ‘Whistleblower’ monitoring service.

Our advantage is that we are leaders in the field of investigation. We take the greatest care in managing our obligations to our clients, ensuring that we follow an optimum blend of delivery methodologies, quality control, risk management and cost effective, efficient investigations.


Legal & Insurance

Legal and Investigative can assist Solicitors and Insurance companies in defence of clients and the indemnification of policy holders by reviewing prosecution files, reports and discovery material, analysing and photographing crime or accident scenes, interviewing parties and witnesses, obtaining signed or recorded statements, performing background investigations, preparing documentary and demonstrative evidence, recommending experts and in addition, we will support you in court appearances, which we have operated to the highest civil and criminal level.

In addition, we provide process/summons serving along with a people and asset tracing service.



Legal & Investigative Services is a trusted, reliable private investigation service with 35 years’ experience. We currently provide local, national and international expertise in all forms of corporate investigations that take place inside and outside your company.

Companies of all sizes rely on us to conduct workplace and corporate investigations into a wide array of risk concerns, including:

Internal employee issues: – Theft, embezzlement, fraud, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, policy breaches, blackmail, and other corruption

External risk mitigation: – Internet fraud, electronic bugging, extortion, competitive intelligence, industrial espionage, due diligence matters, kickbacks, product diversion, etc.

Copyright and intellectual property protection: – Trademark and patent infringement, piracy, counterfeiting, product diversion, litigation support and more.



Legal & Investigative are Professional Private Investigators, the investigation services we provide are obtained discretely, professionally, cost effectively and in a timely manner.

We carry out investigations on behalf of private individuals who can be confident that they have reliable and professional private investigators carrying out the services they require.

We cover a broad range of personal services and our Investigators are experienced in the following areas; unfair dismissal and other workplace investigations, civil and criminal defence fact finding, teenage drug abuse, fraud, tracing debtors and fraudsters, marital / relationship infidelity, employee theft and personal injury claims.


Employee Screening

The capacity to properly carry out an individual background check is a crucial function when employing new staff, from entry level to senior executives. When employment background checks are used as part of the hiring process, a better understanding of applicants is gained through an enhanced recruitment process.

We can facilitate a full background check to confirm identity, education qualifications and previous employment. We will also provide a Character Assessment, which includes investigations of Global Media and News Profile, Watchlist Reviews and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Screens. Additionally, reference checks and independent verifications are conducted to further determine a client’s background and recent business practices. Effective background checks will save significant money, time and disruption over the long term.


Digital Forensics

In recent times, the growing abuse of computer technologies has led to fraudulent and criminal activity within organisations who increasingly rely on digital information to function. Accordingly, the need for digital investigations has increased.

Our Digital Forensics team can assist your organisation in: Proactively investigating incidents or suspected incidents. Collecting, preserving and analysing hidden, cached or even deleted data. Minimising the risk of financial, reputational and operational losses. Strengthening legal arguments.

If required, we can assist in building a successful criminal or civil case by preserving the integrity of the electronic evidence for use in litigation. Our experienced specialists have supported clients in multiple cases and are backed up by a pool of international expertise.



Whistleblowing has become increasingly valued in today’s world. Reporting illegal or unethical actions helps to diminish dishonourable behaviour and create a more trustworthy business climate. A confidential hotline service helps your organisation enhance a culture of openness and integrity by giving a voice to employees, contractors and your supply chain.

All callers are protected under the Protected Disclosures Act of 2014, which aims to protect people who raise concerns about possible wrongdoing in the workplace. Best practice asserts that an outsourced hotline can help improve the success of your company policies.

Legal & Investigative’s whistleblowing service is based on security, confidentiality, flexibility, and trust. Our trained and experienced staff will ensure discretion, compassion and protect employers from spurious allegations. Our service helps meet the on-going challenges and demands posed by regulations, employee relations and investors.


About Us

Legal and Investigative Services’ 35 years of civil and criminal investigative experience, ensures a professional, confidential and cost-effective service.

Our Investigators operate to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. We have a wide range of skills and expertise and are located across Ireland and have access to a global network of professional investigators.

Each case is carefully planned and structured within the current regulatory framework so that not only do you obtain a quality service to a high evidential standard but the confidence that your interests are protected.

We are fully licenced by the Private Security Authority of Ireland, No. 06067, certified by EQA to PSA 42:2015 standard. We also carry full professional indemnity insurance.